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Estyn last visited us in June 2018 and we were thrilled that inspectors recognised that, “there is an inclusive and caring ethos across the school where staff nurture pupils’ personal and social skills well.” The report also acknowledges that “Pupils have a very positive attitude to their learning and are happy and confident learners and that nearly all pupils make good or better progress during their time at Cwmffrwdoer. 


Click the link below to download our latest inspection report or click here to visit our section of the Estyn website. We also feature in a number of Estyn case studies. 

Inspection Report Cwmffrwdoer 2018


Click here to view our latest Estyn Inspection report. 

The teaching of Welsh history including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic history, identity and culture


Click here to view an Estyn review we were recently involved in helping out with.

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