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About us:


We are the Cwmffrwdoer Digital Leaders, and our job is to support pupils and staff in developing their digital skills. Providing everyone with the skills to be digitally competent and safe online are our key priorities. 



What we do: 



  • Promote the use of digital technology

  • Teach others how to stay safe online

  • Provide training for students, teachers and parents

  • Research the latest technology 

  • Trial new devices, software and abs as required

  • Maintain and update equipment


Cwmffrwdoer Online Safety Group

Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe here at Cwmffrwdoer Primary School. In an ever growing technological world, providing children with the skills and knowledge to stay safe online is essential. 

In Cwmffrwdoer we have an online safety group made up of teachers, governors, parents an pupils, regularly monitoring issues and making sure that everyone is aware of the risks associated with using technology. 

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