Miss Truelove


Miss Truelove enjoys exercising and spending time with her family and her cat Lola. Miss Truelove has enjoyed competing in sports events such as half marathons and muddy obstacle challenges. She has recently begun learning to ice skate. She also enjoys reading in her spare time. Miss Truelove doesn’t really have a favourite colour as can change dependent on her mood of the day or where she is. Miss Truelove loves chocolate and holidays in the sun and would one day really like to visit Hawaii.

Mrs Jones

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Jones’ favourite animal is a dolphin because they are very friendly, intelligent, graceful in the water and very entertaining to watch. Mrs Jones enjoys reading, swimming and walking, especially along coastal paths in West Wales and locally along the canal or on the hillside near where she lives. Her favourite colour is blue and she likes all kinds of seafood such as paella or sea bass. There are so many places that Mrs Jones would like to visit but relaxing on a Caribbean island, on a beautiful, quiet, sandy beach, sounds very appealing. In this country she loves West Wales, especially Barafundle Bay (one of Pembrokeshire’s most beautiful beaches).

Mrs Baker


Mrs Baker’s favourite food is Chinese.  She has a dog at home called Poppy who is a Shih Tzu.  Her favourite colour is purple although she likes all colours of the rainbow.  Mr Baker would love to travel the world and see everything that there is to offer.  Her hobbies include sewing, anything Disney and shoe collecting – she really does have quite the collection! Her favourite author is Roald Dahl and her favourite book by this author is George’s marvellous medicine. 

Mrs Cornwell


Mrs Cornwell’s favourite animal is a dog and her favourite colour is green. Mrs Cornwell loves a Caesar salad to eat. Her favourite holiday is Spain. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family. In school Mrs Cornwell loves dance activities in school including wake and shake. Her favourite author is Roald Dahl.

Miss Davies


Miss Davies’ favourite animals are horses and monkeys. She enjoys going out for the day with her family such as to the farm, the beach or the park. Miss Davies’ favourite colour is blue. In school she loves exploring on the iPads and using different apps. She loves pizza to eat and has even managed to eat the real thing in Italy!! An ideal destination would be anywhere hot and sunny. Her favourite book is all of the Harry Potter series – she couldn’t possibly pick just one!

Mrs Jarman


Mrs Jarman’s favourite animal would have to be a black Labrador because she has one at home and she just loves her to pieces. He favourite hobby is power hooping because it is awesome and she is becoming quite the talented hula hooper! She also enjoys reading. Her favourite colour is green and to be more specific it would be teal. In school her favourite subject was maths because she really enjoyed the lessons and had a really good teacher. Her favourite food would be pasta is she was in a savoury mood and chocolate if she was in more of a sweet mood. Roald Dahl is Mrs Jarman’s favourite author and loved reading them as a child. She can’t wait to read them to her own children when they are a bit older. Her dream holiday would be a safari but she would still like to spend some time on the beach too!

Mrs Howells


Mrs Howells loves a design project, both at home and in school and really enjoys some DIY! In school, Mrs Howells has a passion for teaching maths because she likes solving problems. Mrs Howells’ favourite food is chocolate. Mrs Howells enjoys holidays with her family and her dream destination is Australia even though she is scared of spiders. Her favourite children’s book is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and she has enjoyed reading it with her children.

Mr Phillips


Mr Phillips enjoys listening to and playing music. Music is his main hobby and Mr Phillips is in a brass band and a pop/rock band. Mr Phillips loves spending time with his friends and family and has two naughty dogs called Pippa and Toffee. When Mr Phillips was in school his favourite subject was ICT and he now really enjoys teaching it. His favourite place to visit is the Pembrokeshire coast and loves the seaside and eating lots of fish and chips. Mr Phillips also enjoys watching football and supports a team from London called Queen’s Park Rangers.

Mrs Brettell


Mrs Brettell loves her pets, she has two cats and a dog. She enjoys musical theatre and can often be found supporting her musically talented family! In school Mrs Brettell has a love of literature especially Shakespeare. She loves spicy food, the hotter the better, nothing beats a very hot curry! An ideal holiday destination for Mrs Brettell would be a quiet beach in the hot sunshine. Her favourite book as a child is the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.

Mr Wharton


Mr Wharton’s favourite animal is a lion because it his birth sign is Leo the lion! He has lots of hobbies including fishing, birdwatching and once he went deep sea diving which he really enjoyed. Mr Wharton’s favourite colour is purple. When Mr Wharton was in school his favourite subject was geography because he was very interested in countries around the world. If Mr Wharton could go anywhere in the world it would be the Maldives because of the beautiful, clear ocean. His favourite actor is Will Smith because he is quite simply the coolest man on earth!

Miss Gilbert


Miss Gilbert has always loved any food that involves sausages but more recently she has changed her mind and her new favourite food is steak.  Her favourite colour is red – well this is her favourite colour lipstick anyway!  If Miss Gilbert could go anywhere in the world she would love to go to the Maldives.  She loves spending time with her family and friends, and going to the cinema. Miss Gilbert likes monkeys and pigs.  Her favourite author as a child was Jacqueline Wilson.  She collected and read them all.  


Mrs Snook


Mrs Snook’s favourite animal is a dog and she has a labradoodle at home called Tinker. She loves taking her for longs walks. Mrs Snook couldn’t choose a favourite colour as she loves all of the colours of the rainbow. In school Mrs Snook loves doing the displays around school. To eat, Mrs Snook loves pizza the best. She loves to go on holiday anywhere with a beach. She enjoys reading true crime books.

Miss Lewis


Miss Lewis’ favourite food is pasta and in particular a spaghetti bolognaise.  She absolutely loves the colour pink.  Miss Lewis has a dog called Charlie at home who is a cavalier king Charles.  Miss Lewis has lots of hobbies but she really enjoys scrapbooking and reading.  Miss Lewis goes to Spain every year with her family and there is nowhere else she would rather be.  She loves this part of the world and has lots of happy memories there.  Miss Lewis’ favourite author is Julia Donaldson. She couldn’t choose her favourite book because she just loves them all.   


Mrs Hilliard


Mrs Hillard’s favourite animals are cats. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and reading. Mrs Hillard likes the colour red. In school she likes to do cookery activities with the children. Her favourite foods are pizza or pasta! If she could go anywhere in the world her dream destination would be Disneyland in Florida because her children would absolutely love it!

Miss Evans


Miss Evans’ favourite animal is a dog and has one at home called Enzo. Her favourite colour is blue. To eat Miss Evans loves eating pizza. Her top holiday destination would be Cornwall. In school Miss Evans enjoys doing art activities with the children. Miss Evans loves to spend time with her children at home. She enjoys reading crime novels.

Mrs Hirons

Mrs Hirons’s loves all animals and all colours. Her favourite food is Indian food and in fact her favourite hobby outside of school is eating. Mrs Hirons loves to go to Tenby on holiday. Her favourite books are the Mog Cat series by Judith Kerr. In school Mrs Hirons loves talking lots of Welsh to the children.

Mr McDonnell

Teacher / LSA

Mr McDonnell’s favourite food is steak.  He has a pet turtle at home called Newton.  Mr McDonnell’s favourite colour is grey.  If Mr McDonnell could go anywhere in the world it would be Alaska as it is so different to here. He likes to experience cold places.  He has lots of hobbies but he enjoys playing the guitar and ukulele, and also photography.  His favourite author is Andrzej Sapowski who wrote the series The Witcher.   

Mrs Phinnemore


Mrs Phinnemore’s favourite food is an Indian takeaway.  Her favourite colour is pink.  Mrs Phinnemore enjoys lots of hobbies including cooking, any art or creative activities, socialising with friends and shopping.  Her favourite author is Roald Dahl and her favourite book of his is George’s Marvellous Medicine.  If she could go anywhere in the word, Mrs Phinnemore would love to go to the Maldives and to relax in the sunshine on the beautiful beaches.  


Miss Wells


Miss Wells loves spending time with her family and going out with her friends. Her favourite colour is pink. Miss Wells’ favourite food is a delicious chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings. Her dream holiday would be to go to Disneyland in Florida. Miss Wells likes the actor Johnny Depp and his role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean films.


Mr Jones


Mr Jones really enjoys watching football and the team that he supports is Blackburn Rovers.  His favourite food is Italian and in particular a lasagne.  He has a dog at home called Theo.  If he could go anywhere in the world Mr Jones would like to go to Australia.  He would love to have a go at surfing on Bondi Beach.  His favourite colour is black.  Mr Jones’ favourite author is Roald Dahl and his favourite book is The BFG.   



Mrs Phillips


Mrs Phillips enjoys reading and going on bike rides in my spare time. Her favourite food is a roast dinner with all the trimmings. Her favourite subject in school is maths. If she could go anywhere in the world on holiday to Florida.  



Mrs Matthews


Mrs Matthews’ favourite animal is a dog. She loves going for long walks outside of school. Her favourite colour is blue and she loves to eat chocolate. Her top holiday destination is Spain where she loves reading her favourite genre of crime novels. In school Mrs Matthews likes to get creative and do art activities with the children.



Mrs Knight


Mrs Knight enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves going for walks with her dog Casper. Her favourite food to eat is pizza. Her dream holiday would be Disneyland with her little boy. Mrs Knight’s favourite colour is red. In school her favourite subject is maths.



Mrs Killick


Mrs Killick loves to travel as much as she can. Last year she spent 6 weeks travelling around the North and South islands of New Zealand and drove 4,500 miles. She likes playing a sport called pickleball which is a bit like tennis. She also watches lots of other sports. Her favourite colour is purple and favourite flower is a bluebell.



Mr Franklin


Mr Franklin’s favourite meal is a curry.  He has recently got a puppy called Trixie who is a Cavapoo.  His favourite colour is red.  Mr Franklin would love to go to Dubai as he has never been there.  He has lots of hobbies including rugby, golf and football.  He supports Newport Gwent Dragons and goes to their matches – he has held a season ticket for years!  His favourite author would have to be JK Rowling as he loved reading all of the Harry Potter series.  




Mrs Taylor

Senior school support officer

Mrs Taylor likes lots of different foods but she loves chips!  She has a dog at home called Lexi.  Mrs Taylor’s favourite colour is blue.  Mrs Taylor has lots of hobbies but she really loves cars, keeping fit and walking Lexi.  If she could go anywhere in the world she would love to go to Jamaica.  Her favourite movie is Roadtrip because it is hilariously funny.  





Mrs Chaloner

Senior school support officer

Mrs Chaloner has lots of hobbies including gardening and walking the dog. She also loves going to the theatre and will enjoy absolutely anything! Her favourite show was School of Rock which she saw with her grandsons. Mrs Chaloner’s favourite colour is blue. She loves an Indian takeaway and in particular a chicken curry. Mrs Chaloner has a dog at home called Indie who is a wee-chon. If she could go anywhere in the world she would love to go to Bali as it is so beautiful. Her favourite author is Daphne du Maurier who writes novels based in Cornwall. Her favourite book from this author is Frenchman’s Creek.





Mr Manning


Mr Manning has two dogs at home called Bonnie and Zoe.  His favourite colour is blue.  Mr Manning’s favourite food is a pizza and he likes all toppings.  His favourite hobby is field target shooting.  He has even been competing in competitions for this sport!  If he could go anywhere in the world, Mr Manning would love to see the Northern lights.  His favourite author is Dean Koontz who writes suspense thrillers.