News July 13th 2016

Parent/Carer Information 13th July 2016

School Reports

By now, you should have had your children’s end of year reports. I hope that you found the reports informative and that it helps you understand your child’s progress. Please do take the time to complete and return the parent comment slip, so that your views can be observed.

Foundation Phase Outcomes and National Curriculum Levels

The Welsh Government states that an ‘average’ child at the end of Y6 will reach level 4 and the ‘average’ child at the end of Y2 will reach outcome 5. This is meant to help parents/carers understand how their child is doing in comparison to other children of the same age. We know that there is no ‘average’ child. Each child is different and their rates of progress will be different.

The following table shows what outcomes/levels are expected for an ‘average’ child in each year group.




Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6














Please ensure that you read the comments in context. A child with learning difficulties, for example, may have worked very hard all year and made as much progress as they possibly can, and yet still be working significantly below  the expected level of attainment. Also, a more able child may have not applied themselves fully to their work and not made the best efforts, but would still be working within the expected levels of attainment.

National Reading  and National Numeracy Tests 2016

Test results and comparative data will be sent home tomorrow. These tests provide a snapshot of how a child performed under test conditions on a particular day. It is important that results are read alongside the views of the teachers that have worked alongside your child throughout the year.

End of  term

We finish the school year on Friday at normal time.

Pupils will return to school on Thursday 1st September.


We will be closed for INSET on Monday 5th September.


Friday will be a non-uniform day. Children are asked to bring £1 to raise money for school funds.

Children can bring their own games. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 (Y5 and Y6) may bring electronic devices but this is done entirely at their own risk. Staff will not be responsible for looking after any items. Children must be responsible for their own belongings. School will not be liable for damaged or lost items.

There will be activities available for children who do not bring games from home.