News February 2nd 2016

Parent/carer Information Sheet – Wednesday 3nd February 2015


In order to improve communication with you, newsletters will only be sent home on Wednesdays as far as possible. This way you can check in bags for letters. At times, there may be a need to send important information on other days but general newsletters will be sent out on a Wednesday.


Thank you to those who have already returned questionnaires which were sent out last week. It really is important to gain your views on aspects of school so that we can continue the good work by staff and further improve any areas that are identified. Please be honest and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Questionnaires can be returned in the envelopes provided to teachers or to the office where they are all collated. Your responses will feed into our School Development Plan.

Please send them in before the half term break.

Good Behaviour

This week we have been focusing on good behaviour in school and we are reinforcing our school rules. These are:

  • Always try our best.
  • Move around the school appropriately.
  • Behave and speak appropriately at all times.

Listen and follow instructions first time.

These rules are being reinforced by all members of staff and we would appreciate your support with this. There will be consequences for pupils who disregard these rules.


For all pupils school starts at 8:55am. I (or a member of the senior staff) am on duty from 8:45am most mornings with Mrs Fitzgerald. Staff are on duty from 8:50am and the bell goes at 8:55am. Lessons must start promptly at 9am.

Although I completely understand the pressures on families each morning, it is really important that your child is in school for the start of the day.

As soon as pupils leave the playground they take off their coats and go into class for registration and ordering of school meals etc.

If a pupil is late, they have to come in through the main entrance and they sign the late book. Foundation Phase pupils must be brought into school by an adult if they are late. Pupils who arrive late disrupt learning for the whole class.

I meet with the Education Welfare Officer every fortnight to monitor attendance and lateness. We discuss pupils who are late often and those that are rarely late or late due to unexpected circumstances. Parents/carers of those children who are frequently late will be invited to a meeting to discuss how we can improve the lateness.

Holiday dates

This half term ends on Friday 12th February. Children return to school Monday 22nd February.

The spring term ends on Thursday 24th March.

Pupils will finish the end of the school year on Friday 15th July.

We have one more INSET day to plan and will confirm this as soon as it is arranged.

Parent Teacher Consultations (PTCs)

Parent Teacher Consultations will take place on Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

Your child will bring home an appointment time after half term. It is essential that we work closely together if we are able to further improve standards within school.