Dosbarth Glas (Y6)

Dosbarth Glas Year 6

Autumn term coverage of work.


This half terms topic for literacy is best on one of Shakspeare’s famous playa ‘The Tempest.’ The class will study the cartoon vimeo clip from the tales of Shakspeare you tube and several children’s based story books. The class will study the content and characters in order to write a very detailed and descriptive version in a narrative style. Using the subject content the class in groups will write a section of the story as their own play to preform to enhance oracy skills.

The class will write detailed ‘body biographies’ showing understanding of the main characters and their role within the story.


The half term the focus in maths is place value. Pupils to understand the value of digits to one million. To be able to understand the value of digit from a million to decimal numbers to thousandths. To multiply whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Using different written methods ( number line method ) for addition and subtraction of numbers up to thousands and subtracting into thousandths.

Doubling numbers using decimals. Knowing all times tables and the divisions in problem solving situations. Using times in everyday situations to minutes seconds.


Topic this half term is ‘forces.’ Investigating the time taken for various paper designs aeroplanes to travel. Calculating averages, plotting graphs from collected data and writing up results conclusions and relating these findings to everyday situations.


To write a detailed account of themselves. To write in the third person about a fictional character. To read fiction books understand their content.


The class will study Shakspeare, his life, plays and the structure and use of the Globe Theatre.

The class will use D and T to create a Globe theatre. To use drama to act out scenes.

To create their own imaginary islands based on The Tempest.

To create a news article on the storm.


Laptops and I pads will be used to record work oracy or leaflets using QR codes as evidence in pupil’s books.

To use laptops to write a news article, to import images, change fonts and create a published report.


The class will be practising and improving skills in hockey.


Every Friday the class will bring home a piece of work. This may be linked to class work as revision, or topic work to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. It is important that the homework is completed to reinforce class skills but in preparation for year 7.



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